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If you are in the UK and is a starting proofreader, you may be confused on how much you should charge your clients for your services. Most of the proofreaders in the country are paid at an hourly rate, usually an agreed amount between them and the client.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders has set a proofreading UK rate that is a standard among writers, editors and proofreaders in the country. As of September 2008, here are the recommended minimum hourly rates:

Simple Indexing and Proofreading - £19.25
Creative Indexing and Copyediting on paper - £20.75
On Screen Copyediting - £22.50
Substantial Proofreading UK Rate - £26.00

Proofreaders who work during the holidays are entitled to an extra 7.7% of their hourly rate. According to the society, these rates are not legally bound but can be used as basis for beginners in negotiating with their rates. Those with specialties can request for higher proofreading UK rates.

However, with the economic recession, most writers do the editing and proofreading themselves to save on proofreading charges. Publishing houses are also utilizing their own writers and editors to do the proofreaders’ task so they don’t have to pay extra for proofreading services.

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UK proof reading and editing services come in all shapes and sizes not to mention they differ in proof reading rates as well. Proofreading firms are capable of proofreading books, proofreading copy, and other proofreading services thanks to their pool of professional proof reading staff or proof readers. Proofreading UK companies should also be able to assist you in proof reading work, proof reading text, proof reading novels, proof reading books or book proof reading and book proofreading, and even editing services like manuscript editing. These days, copy editing proof reading can even be done online through online proof reading or on-line proof reading services which has different proof reading charges. Whatever you’re editing and proof reading needs may be, keep in mind that online proofreading and other proof reading services is now an easy way to access a proofreader or a group of proofreaders for their professional proof reading service. So, if you need proofreading assistance to do proof reading and copy work or proof reading services in general, then you should be happy to know that proofreading UK services can be easily accessible to do English proof reading.

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